Part Seize (Lake Garda to Dun Sue Meuse (France))

Thursday 11th July

After two great. Days in Lake Garda we decided to try Lake Iseo . It is the fourth largest lake in Italy and about a 2.5 hour drive from where we were in Torbole.

Our drive takes us along the full length of Lake Garda . It took nearly an hour . It is a very big lake.

Before we knew it we were heading into Iseo

Much smaller than Lake Garda but just as beautiful . I found a place on search for sites right on the bank of the lake within a few minutes walk of Iseo Town.

Perfect position and a very nice site. Now we are in July cannot use the AICT card anymore as now in peak season . This site was 43 euros a night . would have been 18 euros in June with the card.

The guy next door was towing a yellow sports car on a trailer, makes a change from a scooter . Very light copy of Lotus . Only weighs 600 Kg so easy to tow. Not a bad idea.

Lake Iseo is less touristy than Garda and Como and is very nice. The town of Iseo is a few minutes walk .

Luke found a great restaurant down a side street ranked 1 on trip advisor . The speciality is risotto which they finish at the table with some melted cheese. Gorgeous.

Friday 12th July

Got up early and went for a run. We wanted to stay on site until 3.30pm to take Luke to airport, but site was fully booked and check out was 10.30am . so we had to pack up quickly and head out. We found a free car park at the other end of town and a public beach with a Bar.

Was a perfect way to spend last day with Luke before he flew home from Milan Airport. Was really good to spend five days with Luke.

After dropping Luke of at airport we head for Lake Como .After trying a few free places that were not possible i find a rural site . Place was perfect but fully booked. We head up the road a few hundred yards and find a small unmade road with space to park. The place was called Colico.

Saturday 13th July

Went for a run and early morning swim in Lake Como.

We are now very close to Switzerland and decide to drive across the border and over the alps on the Furka Pass.

Unfortunately the pass was closed and we had to go through the Gothenburg Tunnel .

Thirteen kilometres of this was not what i had in mind. We finally get through and look for a place to stay . After a few try’s we eventually settle on a car park in Brunnen. We walk into town and have a look around.

The scenery is powerful but the town felt like an operating theatre . Everything is correct and just so. Felt like everyone had OCD. We looked for somewhere to eat. a burger and chips was 26 euros. we looked at an Italian slightly out of town a soup was 10 euros. Prices were about double what they were in Italy. could not bring ourselves to pay that much and decided to go home and cook.

Helen dished up a beautiful Chicken Curry . After a long and disappointing day it was the perfect tonic. After a great dinner we got talking to our neighbours Jonah & Lisa from Belgium.

We had a great evening with them and polished off a few very nice bottles of Italian Wine.

Sunday 14th July

We decided to give Switzerland the elbow and head straight for France. I looked on my app and found a lake in the mountains in Alsace not far over the border. On our way we stopped in the town off Munster in Alsace for Lunch.

It felt good to be back in France.

French food is good.

After a very agreeable lunch we set off again to Gérardmer in the Alsace Mountains (did not know they existed)

The site is a few hundred yards from the lake . We set up and decide to explore.

We find a bar in town by the lake and Bruce works his magic .

There is some sort of Party going on in the town with a band and fireworks. Was a great evening.

Monday 15th July

Water in the lake is very clear

Bruce had to swim.

Really like this place. Has a really nice feel and the food is amazing. Some of the best food we have eaten on the whole trip. Cannot odds it french food is the best.

Tuesday 16th July

After two days in Gérardmer it was time to move on . Will miss this place.

We found another lake in the middle of a big park about 2 hours drive.

The place was big with a golf course , big lake and site for motorhomes as well as several large car parks. But no town near by , i felt it lacked any soul . Could have been anywhere. so we stayed one night and moved on .

Wednesday 17th July

Found a place on a river in a small town called Dun Sur Meuse. In the middle of rural France near Verdun. Such a lovely place , fell in love with it immediately. Tractors outnumber cars . Friendly people , just perfect.

Thursday 18th July

This was the perfect place to spend my 58th Birthday. Started with a run and then a swim in the river.

Helen bought me a present in a local shop . The man was very nice and wrapped it up beautifully.

After opening the cards and pressies went off for a long lunch .

The adventure continues .

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