Part Quindici (Ancona to Venice to Lake Garda)

Wednesday 3rd July

After 2 days in Portonovo near Ancona we head north towards Pesaro.

As we drive along the fields are full of Sunflowers.

On the way we decide to stop in the town of Fano. Beautiful walled town. Apparently it was the largest roman encampment on the Adriatic Coast.

Helen is inspecting the historical value of a leather bag .

After a mooch around and a coffee at a shady cafe we head on our journey.

Just passed Pesaro there is a park area on the coast with a small Marina. I found a Motorhome parking area on Google

We were not sure what it would be like . It was very hilly round this area and i took a wrong turn and we found ourselves down a steep hill which was a dead end.

Got stuck with the back end grounding on the road and front wheels slipping. With the help of a rubber mat under the wheels and a bit of manoeuvring we got out. Was worrying as it was quite remote and steep.

We eventually found the site and it was as nice surprise. Reminded us of were we live in Riseley.

With a great beach down the road

And a nice restaurant by the marina. It was perfect we ended up staying for three days.

Thursday 4th July

While on the way out of the site to go to the beach, Helen takes a photo. She says “hold your tummy in”. I was holding my tummy in . Ahh time to watch my portion control .

Saturday 6th July

After three wonderful days in Shangri-Lah it is time to say good bye to our hosts and carry on North towards Venice. We are meeting Luke there on Monday Morning. we decide to head for a town called Ravenna which is about half way.

As we are close we decide a short detour to explore The Republic of San Marino. It. Lies about 15 miles inland from the city of Rimini . Did not know much about the place but i suspected it was hilly and i was not wrong.

A beautiful and very hilly town. Felt like something out of Lord of the rings.

I think the place is tax free as there is lots of shops selling perfume and cigarettes and strangely

Quite a few shops selling guns and knives !!

As usual Bruce was making friends.This lady and her husband own a local bar and after saying hello invited us for drinks. Had just have one lemoncello as i am driving.

We eventually arrive at a car park near the beach in Marina de Ravenna. The place is busy but we find a place .

Took Bruce for a swim on the Beach. He ended up playing with an Italian boy for quite sometime. Tired them both out.

We find out later the reason it is so busy is there is a street festival on and the streets are full of food and stalls

Had an Argentinian mixed grill very nice.

Sunday 7th July

Woke up early and went for a run . Was first time for a while we had a flat area to run, it felt good. After the run and swim in the sea we drive to Venice about two hours up the coast.

We were reccomended to stay in Punta Sabbioni which is on a headland close to Venice by boat. I found a farm we could stay on half way between ferry port and beach on the headland.

Monday 8th July

Luke is flying into Marco Polo airport this morning. After discussions with lady who runs campsite we agree best way to meet Luke is in Venice. We catch ferry from Punta Sabbioni and he catches ferry from Airport .

It is quite surreal, the first time we have seen our son in two and half months is getting of a ferry in Venice. Was great to see him.

Venice is everything you expect and more.

Lots of canals and small alleys. so much history.

After St Marks square we decided to find a quieter part of Venice for some lunch.

and Bruce found a flower pot to doze.

After a busy day site seeing , nothing better than to relax and cool off at the beach.

Tuesday 9th July

After a run in the morning and a swim back to Molly to pack up and head for Lake Garda.

We have a passenger for the first time sitting in the back seat.

After a bit of homework i find a site on search for sites with good reviews very close to a beach on Lake Garda in a town called Torbole.

Three hours drive up the motorway and we are there. Very different to the flat lands around Venice and very picturesque.

Wednesday 10th July

The three of us get up early and go for a run around the lake. Perfect place for a jog.

Good to run with Luke.

Water is a fair bit cooler than the sea.

Have not seen any Swans for a while.

Perfect place to chill for a few days.

2 thoughts on “Part Quindici (Ancona to Venice to Lake Garda)

  1. Lovely images and that motorhome turned out to be a great idea! Must soon be time for you guys to return. Following with interest!!


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