Part Tredici

Wednesday 19th June

We had booked a pet friendly cabin on the ferry and had a decent nights sleep. The ferry was due to dock in Civitavecchia in Italy near Rome at about 10pm. The weather was beautiful , there was a swimming pool on board . We found a table near the pool and settled down to enjoy our mini cruise.

I was surprised how nice the boat was considering it was mainly a ferry full of lorries with a few motorhomes and cars. We had a very nice lunch on board and we also docked at Sardinia on the way.

We docked at just gone 10pm. I had found a campsite on search for sites about 5 miles away and decided to head for there as it was so late. The campsite was near the sea and down a small lane. We arrived at around 11.30pm only to find the place was closed. We drove a bit further on to find a clearing by the sea. I got a torch and had a look around as it was pitch dark. Due to the time we decided to park up where we were. We had no idea if we should park here or what was around. We went to bed with some trepidation. I set the alarms on the windows and locked the door. It was not what we expected for our first night in Italy.

Thursday 20th June

We woke up and looked out of the window. It was a beautiful area a bit of the beaten track with a few wooden shacks. Not much of a beach just rocks.

We went for a run along the coast to the nearest village and back . There were a few People living by the Coast in Motorhomes between us and the village of Montalto di Castro.

We went for a swim with Bruce when we got back to Molly. It definitely felt like wild camping, and a great start to our Italian Adventure.

Had lunch at the bar by the beach and my favourite pasta , Spaghetti Vongole .

After lunch we headed for Rome and a site at Ostia near the coast.

It was a beautiful place with plenty of shade.

Friday 21st June (Bruce’s 1st Birthday)

We got up early and took Bruce into a beautiful poppy field very close to where we were camped. We decided to go for a run to the beach about 1.5 miles away. we set of and i decided to cut across country. we ran through woods and then fields.

We got a bit lost, and after over 6 miles we got back to the road we started on and decided to walk to the beach.

When we got there you could not access the beach other than through the Hotels, bars and restaurants on the front and pay an admission fee. We had no money so headed back rather dejected and tired.

We ended up running and walking over 9 miles.

We have been to Rome before and seen most of the sites, it would have been difficult to take Bruce and did not want to leave him behind so we decided to head on towards Napoli. I found a town on the coast about about 1.5 hours away called Latina.

The site was just across the road from a public beach which allowed dogs. Perfect.

Latina is very Italian and quite basic. We walked along the road and found a great restaurant in a side street.

The chef and his family took a liking to Bruce.

Saturday 22nd June

After a walk along the beach and a swim with Bruce we drive about 4 hours to the Amalfi Coast . A site called Camping Santa Fortunata overlooking Sorrento Bay . There is a shuttle bus into town.

Sorrento is a beautiful town with lots of little alleys .

We reach the harbour which has many fish restaurants.

We bumped into some Thames Valley Windows Customers Chris and Janet Chowney from West End who are on holiday here.

Small world . Was good to see them.

Sunday 23rd June

Although we love Sorrento and the site is amazing with beautiful views, the beach is difficult to get to and does not allow dogs. I find a site close by in a village called Nettuno. we drive for about 25 mins from Sorrento.

The views are stunning

Island of Capri in the distance.

Roads are not for the faint hearted.

We eventually arrive at this small bay with the campsite on the edge overlooking the village.

We get the perfect spot with an amazing view.

It is so nice we decide to stay for a couple of days.

We met Tony and Theresa from Gloucester who were our neighbours for a couple of days.

We are loving Italy. The roads are terrible , the food is amazing and the people have a relaxed love of life and food .

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