Part Doce (Skinny Dipping)

Wednesday 12th June

Arriving in Javea the first thing you notice is the Mongo dominates the skyline. It is a great backdrop with positive energy. After the 3 hour drive from Torrevieja i am feeling tired , need a place to relax. We find a campsite on my ASCI app near the beach in a central location Camping Javea.

Very nice place with nice pool and plenty of shade.

Thursday 13th June

Went for a run along the seafront . Towards the end of the run i saw a Motorhome parked next to the beach, i thought that’s a good position, then I realised it had a british plate. I thought that motorhome is familiar. It was my brothers motorhome. Small world .

Went for a swim in the sea with Bruce of course and headed back to molly. We had arranged to meet up with Stella Schofield who was staying in Javea for the summer.

Had a great lunch at Acqua on the Arenal . Was great to spend sometime with Stella and catch up.

An old friend Graham Stimpson lives in Javea. He invited us to stay at his place, so we drove up into the hills overlooking the town to his house.

Graham has lived here for over 20 years and has a lovely place. He has a pool which Bruce took full advantage of.

Graham took us back to the Arenal for a nice meal at Fuego’s and we ended up in The Octopus Bar . Great night

Friday 14th June

We may be on holiday and trying to retire but sometimes life gets in the way. Graham wants a glass roof for a part of his house ,

All measured up, and will draw up when back in UK

Time to say goodbye to Graham and Javea and move on down the coast. I can understand the attraction of this place ,

Had a whale of a time in Javea

Travelled further down the coast to Valencia. We stopped by the beach and had a walk along the promenade. No dogs allowed on the beach so we decided to carry on a bit further. . I found a motorhome stop on search for sites that was behind a restaurant

In a small town by the sea called Nules.

It was free to stay if you spent some money in the restaurant. We obliged and had the menu del dia. For 13 euros not including wine. It was fairly appalling. Helen had pigs feet for the main course which had no meat at all just skin and grizzle. It was inedible.

The bar had quite a few Spanish people and had a good atmosphere although we did notice none were eating. Bruce mingled and made a few friends.

Saturday 15th June

Went for a run along the seafront and a swim afterwards with Bruce followed by a shower on the beach. Becoming a routine we quite like. We pack up and head off for a bit of wild camping by a beach near Tarragon described by a few reviews as paradise.

As we head out of Nules we notice a small walled village no more than 250metres by 150metres square called Mascarell.

You would think it would be a bit touristy .

Not at all, inside was just a normal Spanish village . Bit of an enigma but quite wonderful.

We head off again in search of paradise.

It turned out to be a car park next to a castle between two beautiful beaches. It was perfect. Managed to find a space and parked up.

Yes i think this will do .

Sunday 16th June

The three of us get up early for a swim and watch the sun rise. Not a bad way to start the day.

We are now about 3 hours drive from Barcelona and decide to get going early. On the way the scenery is changing. More hills and more greenery. We come into a wine growing area and decide to stop in a town called Villafranca del Penedes.

I think the town is famous for human pyramids in a annual fiesta.

We stopped in a beautiful square for some Tapas. Has to be done.

The menu was in Catalan so google translate was needed .

Had some fried nose , never eaten that before or again i suspect.

Bruce makes more friends.

Villafranca is a beautiful Spanish town with lots of history and very nice people. Would love to spend more time hear . Maybe next time.

Helen decides to have a go at driving

Within a short space of time a lorry turns over . Coincidence ?

We are now only 30 mins from Barcelona and about 1 hour and 30 mins from Callela a town on the way to Girona that i have visited many times to attend a golf tournament in memory of a bar owner here called Eddie Knighton.

The golf tournament is organised by a guy called John Evans (Madrid to his friends) who owns the Alcatraz bar in Callela which he has had for 36 years.

I have got to know this wonderful unique person over the years and his equally amazing sister Yvonne who we affectionately call Y Vonne .

We have booked a ferry from Barcelona to Rome leaving on Tuesday evening so decide to spend a few days in Callela .

We find a car park with some shade near the Alacatraz bar and the sea which will be our home for the next few days.

Monday 17th June (skinny dipping day !)

Wake up early and go for a run along the promenade . we finish the run at the end of the beach . We were told there is a nudist beach just around the headland and think it would be a good place to swim with Bruce as dogs not allowed on main beach. when we get there at around 8.30am there are a few nudists already there. As the saying goes when in Spain do as they do !!

So we decided to strip off as well and the three of us went swimming naked. I have to say it was just perfect. The small beach was beautiful and the sea was clear and calm.

Could not take any photos as no pockets to hold the camera .

We heard an old friend Gary Conroy had moved from Bracknell to this area we contacted him and another friend who has lived hear for many years called Phil Love who we know as (Scouse) and aranged to meet them at the “Alc” later tonight.

I have only been here before in October in the last week of the season, it is a very different place now with all the bars, cafes and shops open and the beach is useable. It is a wonderful place.

But this is Callela and that normally means some time is spent drinking in bars.

and we partake with Gary Conroy


and last but no means least Johnny Madrid .

Helen got in on the act and even gets an Alcatraz T shirt.

Tuesday 18th June.

After a special few days in Callela with many old friends and a few new ones we head for Barcelona and the ferry to Italy. We have both spent time in this amazing city before so decide not do do any site seeing. We take the coast road and arrive at the ferry terminal early and pick up our tickets .

Find a place by the sea to kill a few hours before we sail.

We cue up at the ferry port waiting to board and are soon surrounded by motorbikes, mainly Harley Davidsons . I think a lot of them are Hells Angels from the Napoli Chapter.

We board and eventually set of about 11.30pm.

Italy here we come .

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