Part Once (more mountains)

Tuesday 4th June

Bruce is now jumping in and getting out by himself.

Wednesday 5th June

Today is Helen’s fathers Birthday . John is 82 today. It is good to be here to celebrate with them. Had a great day eating tapas in Benalmádena Pueblo in the square and then at a nice restaurant Sopranos in the evening.

Thursday 6th June

After 3 very enjoyable days with April & John it is time to get on the road again.

Drove down the coast to Salobreña near Motril. We had a holiday hear about 25 years ago. There is a castle on top of hill with a village below . Apparently it was the last place the Moors inhabited before they were kicked out of Spain.

Very nice beach but no where to park so drive a short distance to Motril and a campsite near the the port. We had fond memories of a tapas pub crawl in Motril and catch a bus into town to try and recreate that memory.

We wander around but cannot find anything like we remember. Motril has a small old part of town but very close to the shadier part of town. We very soon find ourselves in an area we feel quite uncomfortable. We get back to the main town luckily still with wallets in tact.

If you want a good night out then choose a town other than Motril.

Friday 7th June

We go for a run along the beach and swim in the sea. After breakfast and some very nice fresh orange juice we head into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The views are spectacular as we quickly rise in to the Mountains. We drive through a very picturesque town or Órgiva.

We pass an interesting road sign on the side of the road for the village of Soportujar. we decide to investigate and drive 2 km to the village.

We park near this very unusual sculpture and walk into the village.

Amazing views and Witches . Most of the shops and bars have witches.

A bit further and we find the beautiful village of Bubión.

One of the most beautiful places we have visited.

In a very special area. The views and streets and small houses make a near perfect place.

We drive higher and eventually reach our destination.

The highest town in Spain , Trevelez. Famous for their Ham. We find a place to stay in a bus park above the town.

Had a very nice lunch.

I think Bruce is hungry.

Saturday 8th June

We leave this special place and drive in the direction of Almeria.

We gradually wind our way through the mountain roads . Still in the low part of the hills we stop for a coffee in the town of Berja.

Very Spanish town and very nice squares

Bruce makes some friends

We eventually get near the coast. We go over a hill

and hit a sea of plastic as far as the eye can see. Such a transformation from the beautiful mountain views. Costa del Plastico (Almeria ). Luckily not all Almeria is like this. There is a nature park near the coast called Cabo de Gata.

We find a campsite with a pool and private beach.

Sunday 9th June

Found a water leak on the fresh water tank. time to get the tools out . The outlet / drain pipe from the tank had come loose. Managed to push the pipe back in and secure with gaffa tape.

We leave La Caleta and drive in the direction of Mojácar.

The coast road is beautiful . No plastic here

We reach Mojácar an old town on a hill near the coast. Very typical narrow streets rising up around the hill. We stayed near here many years ago in a beautiful place called El Cortijo Grande. I look on tripadvisor and find that a beautiful restaurant / boutique hotel called Finca Listonero is still there and ranked number 1 in the area. we had many meals there in the past.

Being Sunday we thought a great place for Sunday Lunch

They serve Iberian pork here pink. I have to say best pork i have ever tasted. Helen had kid goat also off the chart yummy.

The view from Finca Listonero is amazing and they very kindly let us swim in their pool.

Time to say goodbye to Sandra and leave Finca Listonero

We now are not far from my parents who live near Torrevieja. I look on search for sites app and find a wildcamping place next to a beach near a town called Águilas .

Playa La Carolina , it is perfect . Bruce is in his element, he loves sand and sea .

Monday 10th June

Woke up early and watched the sun rise. Went for a swim with Bruce.

Spent the morning on the beach and then headed for my Parents Villa.

Good to see my parents . Last time was nearly a year ago. Paul my brother also pitched up in his campervan. The family back to together , it feels good.

Tuesday 11th June

Paul and i had bought a hot tub for our parents to use at their villa. Somewhere cool to use in the summer and hot in the winter. Timing worked out well as we were all here when it was delivered and installed.

Not surprisingly Bruce jumped in as well.

Wednesday 11th June

Has been great spending a few days with the family. We plan to move on later today so my father Barry wanted to cook us a meal before we leave.

The journey continues .

Where to next ?

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