Part Diez

Friday 31st May

We leave El Puerto De Santa Maria Near Cadiz and head south towards a place called Bolonia recommended by our good friends Celia and Nigel hoping for less windy conditions. Winds had been around 40 MPH previous day. Initially winds seemed lower .

The winds got stronger and then we hit a dust storm. Molly was getting a battering and i was finding driving very tiring so we decided to pull off road at nearest town.

We drive in to Conil de Fontera and head for the seafront. The wind is blowing a Hooley. as we park up someone drives up and asked us to move , no motorhomes allowed. We drive up the hill and park nearer the main town.

The town is really nice and full of character. Lots of little streets and alleyways. We find a cafe with a very reasonable 9 euro menu del Dias. Not one of the best we have had. Need to read the menu more carefully next time.

We drive on to Bologna which initially looks perfect. Beautiful beach and small village. But it is blowing well over 40 MPH and no where to stay with any shelter. Battered and sand blasted we decide to try a campsite we have found on search for sites near the next beach .

It turned out to be really nice. Just the right size and well looked after with a pool that was actually open and good shelter from the wind. We set up and decide to check out the beach which was about 5 minutes walk.

We found another paradise , very similar feel to Comporta in Portugal. It is a real shame the wind is making it painful to walk along the beach.

Saturday 1st June

To Hilly to run so we decide to go for a walk up the hill behind the campsite

View is amazing but incredibly windy. After the walk we go for a swim.

The back drop is amazing and fairly sheltered.

We love the site and the beach and would stay longer but the wind is just to much. We look on the weather app and see Gibraltar is much less windy and decide to head there.

As soon as we drive past Tarifa and over the next hill the wind dies down.

The rock of Gibraltar is iconic and dominates the scenery of the surrounding area. We have found a site on a marina in Spain very close to the border with Gibraltar. It is the perfect location for exploring the rock.

We love sites on Marinas. It is a very nice place to be. Having parked up we walk a short distance to the border.

We are worried there would be a problem with Bruce but we need not have worried. We get through the other side and board a bus to the centre. Bruce is allowed on the bus ,first time on this trip.

The bus stop is outside Gauchos Restaurant in the city wall. My good friend Simon Hawley and i dined there while on a sailing course about 10 years ago. It is memorable as we had a power cut half way through dinner and spent the rest of the evening under candle light . Very romantic.

Sunday 2nd June

We go for an early morning run and swim in the sea. The next destination planned is Ronda. It is not far away and we head towards Estapona. We then turn left and head into the hills.

We head higher

And higher

And higher. The road and sights are amazing. One of the best driving roads yet.

Finally we see Ronda in the distance. There is a site not to far from the old town with all amenities.

We walk into old town and are not disappointed. It is an amazing site.

This city is high up in the mountains surrounded by beautiful hills, unlike any place i have been to before.

we decide to have a coffee on the balcony of the parador hotel with a perfect position overlooking the bridge. We sit down at a table and wait and wait. We decide to get the backgammon board out to pass the time as the view is so nice. We finish the game and still no service. Must be over 30 minutes.

We leave and find a beautiful view on the other side of the bridge at a hotel called Don Carlos.

Just love Ronda . A truly amazing place.

Monday 3rd June

It is Helens fathers Birthday on 5th June. They live in Benalmádena near Malaga and we head there to spend a few days with them.

On the way we decide to stop at a town in the hills between Ronda and Malaga called Ardales

For a coffee and brandy (for Helen) .

It is set on a hill with the church at the top. Dates back to pre historic times.

It is a typical Spanish town very pretty and the people and very friendly.

Bruce makes a few more friends. Love this place. If i did live in Spain i think it would be in a place like this.

Finally we reach Benalmadena and Helens Parents.

Time for a few days of the road and give Molly a well earned rest.

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