Part Nueve

Sunday 26th May

We left Ferragudo and headed for the Border

There is a large bridge over the River Guadiana which is the border between Portugal and Spain.

Just over the border is a town called Ayamonte with a beautiful marina in the middle. We found an Airs site right by the marina. Perfect position.

Narrow streets and a square in the town with cafes all around. This place has a very friendly atmosphere, would like to come back.

Monday 27th May

We go for a run around the harbour

and chill out over looking the Marina.

About 4pm we decide to drive to Seville about 1.5 hours drive. I had found a site near the old town, but when we got there it was closed ready for redevelopment. Helen thinks she saw a sign for a Motorhome park as we were driving in. We find this place not far away .

It is a basic site at the back of a car storage area near the port. It is only 15 mins walk to the centre of town so we decide to stay. As soon as we get out of Molly the heat hits us. It is about 38 degrees C . Much hotter than were we had been on the coast. We get out the awning to give us some shade.

It starts to cool down so we head in to town to see the sites.

We walk through a park full of oranges. Anyone need a one for their Marmalade ?

Find this amazing building called Plaza de Espana .

Has a very cooling fountain which is needed.

We go in search of a place called Casa Matias in the middle of the old town. Rick Stein had been there and it looked good. But when we arrived the place was empty he said come back tomorrow . We head along the narrow streets and find one of the oldest tapas bars in Seville called Casa Morales. The place is packed and we have to wait some time before a table becomes available.

Try some local sherry and a few tapas. Very nice.

We catch a catch a taxi home . Turns out to be the only Maserati Taxi in Spain . There is a video on YouTube about Taxirati .

Tuesday 28th May

It has been a very hot night in Molly. The heat of Seville is tough. Poor Bruce is experiencing heat for the first time. He is finding shade under Molly. We want to stay another day but the heat is oppressive.

I consult search for sites and find another place to stay slightly out of town at Puerto Gelves. A marina that has a motorhome site as well. It is heaven compared to the car pound by the port .

We park over looking the river and put out the awning to give some much needed shade. This lady comes walking by with her dog Nelly Mandela . Bruce says hello and we invite her under the shade to have a glass of wine. Dianne Harper is 88 years old and lives on a sailing boat. She is an amazing women . She regaled us with stories of her and her sadly departed husband sailing around Europe and Africa.

We jump on a bus and head back in to Seville. Tonight Casa Matius is buzzing and we spend sometime soaking up the flamenco music in this very raucous and fun bar.

Wednesday 29th May

The heat of Seville is to much and Córdoba looks similar so we decide to head for the town of Cadiz which should be cooler on the coast.

The drive between Seville and Cadiz was great. Lots of rolling fields of Sunflowers and also olive trees.

We find a campsite across the bay from Cadiz with our discount Acsi card called Playa Las Dunas. You can catch a ferry to Cadiz just down the road and we are next to the beach. There are lots of tree also for shade which is now becoming important.

We park up under a tree and decide to cook some steak and chicken outside.

Thursday 30th May

We get up early and go for a 4 mile run along the sea front with Bruce.

It is surprising who you meet along the way.

We go for a swim on the beach with Bruce after run. Bruce is becoming a real water dog.

The wind has increased today to over 40 mph . Went for a walk on the beach. We were not so much windswept more like sand blasted.

We were planning to visit Cadiz on the ferry but not possible due to conditions. After some investigation we caught a train from the other side of town and head in to Cadiz.

Cadiz has lots of character. It is not grand like Seville , more like an overgrown fishing village. A maze of little streets, lots of cafes and small restaurants. A lot of small squares as you move through different neighbourhoods.

Found a bar called Casa Manteca started by a Bull Fighter . Great atmosphere.

Head back to station and catch last train home after a long day. Where to next ? Hopefully somewhere with less wind.

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