Part Oito

Tuesday 21 May

Slept in car park by the beach In Comporta

Lovely location . Very unspoilt here. Went for a run through the rice fields behind the beach (was not aware they had paddy fields in Portugal) . There are Storks here , they seem to like wading in the rice fields.

Nice flat place to run.Helen hates hills.

Went for a swim on the beach after the run.

Had a relaxing day.

Helen got her haircut she is very pleased. She showed the lady a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis and bingo.

Went to a bar in Comporta in the evening and played some backgammon and had a cannery tapas of Tuna with a piri piri /horseradish mayonnaise.

Wednesday 22nd May

We had been Reccomended by Lilly Martins to go horse riding on the beach at Comporta.

Helen’s Horse is called Eco , apparently it is owned by Madonna the singer who has two horses at this stable.

Very special place to ride a horse.

A great way to remember comporta.

Thursday 23rd May

Our Horse riding Guide gave us a recommendation of a fishing village heading towards the Algarve called Zambujeira do Mar .

On our way there we went a short distance inland and found rolling country side and fields of hay.

Close to our destination we stoped at a beautiful rugged beach A Place called Longueira Almograve. I found it on search for sites. We parked up and were looking out over the beach when a man on the beach shook his finger at us and waved us away. Not the welcome we had been expecting. We got out of Molly and were about to walk down to the beach only to find a no dog sign. Does not seem we are welcome here so we move on . A shame as it was a visually striking place.

Arrived at Zambujeira do Mar. A beautiful place with a great beach.

Found a very nice campsite on the outskirts of the town were we were welcome.

It is getting warmer , time for the Panama Hat to make an appearance.

Friday 24th May

We are now about 50 miles from Celia and Nigel our friends and neighbours in the UK. They have a villa near Ferragudo. They are there for a month while there house is being renovated in the UK and they very kindly invited us to stay for a few days.

We arrive around midday and they take us to lunch at a very nice place nearby with its own vineyard and micro brewery. Was not expecting to drink pale ale in the Algarve.

They have a beautiful villa and a very nice pool . Bruce has wasted no time and is now swimming at every opportunity.

In the evening we end up at a local bar drinking a spirit called Medrnho.

Rosa poured this powerful drink with magical powers.

The memory is rather vague of the rest of the evening or getting home.

Saturday 25th May

Celia and Nigel are very good hosts, they are showing round the best places in the area.

We go to the harbour of a place called Alvor. There are some fish restaurants cooking fish on the barbecue.

We order some sardines and ask Renata to take a photo. She obliges

And then takes a selfie. (Have given her details of the blog )

Sunday 26th May

After two days at Villa Marta we have to say good bye to Celia and Nigel. They have been so good to us. We will miss them.

Living in a villa with a bedroom and large ensuite is a big change from Molly where we live cheek by jowl.

One last coffee and pastel de nata (or glass of wine for Helen) and we are off.

Good Bye Portugal Hello Spain

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