Part Sete

Friday 17th May

We left Porto and headed for Aveiro . The scenery has improved from the urban sprawl between Braga and Porto. Lovely towns and villages. The outside of the houses have ceramic tiles on them . Some of them are stunning.

We passed this church in a small town called Ovar-Válega.

In this area we start to see some Stork nests. This one is on a gantry over the road.

We stop in a place for lunch by the beach. I did not realise the the town of Aveiro is the Venice of Portugal until later in the trip. Will have to visit another time.

As usual Bruce is making friends.

It is quite windy . After a surf and turf lunch at Praia da Costa Nova Aveiro we head for Coimbra. This town used to be the capital of Portugal . It has one of the oldest university’s and is on a river. It is the Oxford of Portugal as described by my friend Nuno.

We manage to park by the river in an area for Motorhomes. It is a perfect position just across the river from the old town. We walk into town via the Botanical Gardens.

Being a university town the main square is very colourful

Just love this place. It has a magic about it.

Saturday 18th May

Slept overnight in Coimbra. As it is Saturday there are lots of people around by the river . Lots of Sports going on.

Never seen water polo played with canoes before.

We leave Coimbra (definitely coming back here) and head for a medieval town called Obidos

We wander round and have a talk with the locals.

Beautifully preserved town but very touristy . Felt a bit like Disney land.

Consulted TripAdvisor and found a great place for lunch.

We are now not far from Lisbon and carry on our journey .

We decide to stop just over the bridge from Lisbon in a seaside resort called Costa Da Caparica. Need a bit of a rest after a lot of driving.

Sunday 19th May

Go for a run along the coast line . Nice and flat.

We meet some dog owners on the beach . After a restful day we set of for Lisbon in late afternoon. We head for a place by the port that we can park for the night near the old town.

Follow a tram on the way in.

Unfortunately the place we wanted to park no longer allows motorhomes. we drove around but eventually gave up and headed for a campsite on the outskirts of Lisbon.

The place is 9km from the centre and need to get a bus in . No dogs allowed on bus so leave Bruce in Motorhome while we head in to the city.

It is a beautiful city with lots of little alley ways and restaurants.

Stunning landmarks

And buzzing nightlife

Monday 20th May

We leave the campsite and head for Setubal Reccomended by our friend Nuno .

The fountain outside the campsite in Lisbon had an unusual statue.

We drive into Setubal and through the other side in search of a place to park. We find a campsite but not really near anywhere or a beach so head on . We find a great beach but sign saying no motorhomes.

We park at the side of the road and climb down to the beach and have a paddle.

We decide to head on for a place called Comporta which is close to Setubal as the crow flies but a long way by road. We find a Motorhome park there near the town. We are told we can also park by the beach, so we head there.

I think we have found Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Part Sete

  1. Seems a lovely interesting country Portugal I have never been but Ray spent a night in clink there when he was at sea caught smuggling toothpaste taxi driver in Lisbon reported him. Great scenery I can’t be with you but I enjoy the trip. Dad


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