Part Seis

Tuesday 14th May

We were woken up by an Alarm . The fridge had stopped working. We are in a car park not connected to Electricity and the fridge should be working on gas. Tried the usual things. Turned fridge on and off checked gas ect no joy. Weather has got better going to be 30 degrees today. Still to early to ring Swift service in England so went for a 3 mile run along the beach, it is going to be a nice day weather wise anyway.

Got back from run and rang Swift . The lady could not help but promised to ring back after seeking technical help. It was now getting hot and we lost all food in freezer.

I then remembered it was possible to shut down the electrical system . I found this under one of the seats .

I pulled out the fuse for the fridge and waited for a few minutes. I put the fuse back in powered up the system and turned on the fridge. Helen was outside listening to the outside grill of the fridge.

To our amazement it fired up. What a lovely sound to hear the small roar of the gas burner.

Panic over we went down to the beach for a well earned swim with Bruce . Helen was beaming knowing the white wine would be chilled for later in the day.

Spent sometime at the beach which is next to the place where we are staying.

Nigel, Joanne their son Jack and Barney the dog (mad as Bruce) are in the Motorhome next to us . They saved our bacon or actually they put our white wine , beer and milk in there fridge while ours was recovering. They are two and half months in to a years break touring Europe.

The laundry bag was full so decided to visit the local laundry. 3 euros for a wash and 2 euros for the dryer.

After a long and at times stressful day we decided to find a bar to play some backgammon and have some food.

Bruce said hello to the two very nice people on the next table. Alvaro and Alejandra from Uruguay. They are on a month trip around Spain. We told them about our blog and they looked it up on their phone . They were able to do google translate and read it in Spanish. They are now following the blog.

Wednesday 15th May

After two very nice days in Baiona it is time to say goodbye Spain hello Portugal. We pack up and head for the border . We cross in to Portugal at a town called Valença and decide to turn left and head for the mountains and some waterfalls our Portuguese friend Nuno has told us about.

We stoped for lunch in a small town on the way called Arcos de Valdevez . There was no menu just what was cooking which turned out to be a very nice stew with rice and a litre of red wine for 10 euros . Only managed half the wine.

We met this lovely lady on the next table . We do not know her name as she spoke no English . We did try google translate but the only time she stopped speaking was when we gave her the phone to speak into.

As we climb into the mountains the scenery is amazing.

We park at the side of the road at a place called Cascata da Portela do Homen in Parque National Penada-Geres

Helen loves it here

Even Bruce jumps in .

After the waterfalls we search for a campsite and find out there is one fairly near called campo de Geres . What we were unaware of is we had to drive over a mountain to get to it and the road was narrow and sheer drops.

By time we got to the campsite Helen was traumatised. It took a good hour before she calmed down.

Thursday 16th May

My good friend Mike Hodges emailed me this morning and asked if i could give him a better idea where we have been travelling . So here is a map of the journey so far.

We decided no more mountain roads for a while would be a sensible option. We headed for Braga. We could not find anywhere to park so carried on to Porto.

The road from Braga to Porto is just urban sprawl and quite awful. Not what we were expecting . We decide to stop on the coast just the other side of Porto and get the bus into Porto. We stop in a place called Vila Nova de Gaia.

We parked up and walked to the bus stop to travel into Porto . Unfortunately the Bus did not allow dogs , so we went to a supermarket bought a cooked chicken and went back to Molly glad to finish a poor day.

Friday 17th May

We got up and decided to go for a run. Feeling in better spirits today after a fairly low day yesterday.

Helen met a nice guy while running , as you do .

We decided Molly needed a good clean . Pulled all the carpets out and seat cushions , had. A good sweep out and brushed. The carpets and cushions.

Much better .

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