Part Cuatro

Monday 6th May

Bruce learnt to swim today

And he met his Spanish Double “Lucas”

After a bit of Chilling

and a few games of Backgammon we left this special place and headed down the road to an old small town on the Camino called Estella. we had heard it was a place to visit.

We parked at a Airs Motorhome site about 2 miles out of town. Should have been 4 euros a night, but the barrier was up so it was free.

We headed into town and walked downhill along the Camino trail to Estelle. The Camino is well sign posted and in places there is a brass shell in the pavement

The old town is magical but very much a part of the town and felt real.

In France Bruce was allowed in every Bar or Restaurant we went to. In Spain it seems Dogs are not allowed in any Bars or Restaurants. This meant we could only eat at a Bar with an outside table. Eventually we found a place with outside tables and a nice menu.

The wine was exceptional and Cod Stew and Chorizo in Cider went down very well. we headed home to molly after a perfect day.

Tuesday 7th May

This area is a wine growing region and so we decided to visit some vineyards very close to where we were parked. The first one was about 400 yards away and had a free wine fountain for visitors. although it was around 10am this did not deter Helen.

With Molly’s wine cellar suitably stocked we headed for our next destination along the Camino trail , Burgos. This meant driving through Rioja. More vines than you can shake a stick at.

And the odd Bull

Up to now we have stayed in some nice campsites this unfortunately came to an end in Burgos . This is a stopping point for people heading from south of Spain to Santander or Bilbao for the ferry. It was packed and it was raining and the site was grim. Not the best mix for enjoyment.

We locked ourselves in Molly and cooked a nice dinner and pretended to be somewhere else.

Steak and Pasta with Pesto

Wednesday 8th May

Got up early and out of Burgos. would have liked to see old town but it was pouring with Rain.

We decided to leave the Camino and head for the Picos Mountains. we found a campsite in a place called Potes.

This meant heading over some mountains. I like heights and even my stomach was churning on some of the bends and sheer drops on either side.

There were also some obstacles in the road to overcome.

I thought he was going to charge at Molly

We finally arrived in Potes. We were not expecting such a great town in the middle of the picos. A very nice surprise after Burgos.

Wandered round the town had some lunch.

Even the Priest was out for a drink.

Headed for the campsite and were pleasantly surprised what a lovely place it is. Probably the best yet.

After we settled in i was soundly beaten at Backgammon.

After a long day we retired to the bar to watch Ajax v Tottenham. If only our good friend Phil Mastris could have seen it . Well done Spurs.

Thursday 9th May

Two weeks on the road today. Walked into town for a lunch to celebrate this milestone event. A 13 euro 3 course menu del dia including a bottle of wine.

And would you believe it they let Bruce in as well.

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