Always wanted to travel but never had the time. Now at the age of 57 i finally have some time and i am going to travel. Correction Helen my wife, Bruce the dog and i are going on a roadtrip. Initial plan 3 months going though Europe. Not too fixed but have pencilled a basic route.

We bought a motorhome and named her Molly. Now for some preparation. fairly boring but needed. Researched the net about driving abroad and bought a collection of items including Breathalyser, Safety triangle, Spare bulbs , head lamp beam converter and last but by no means least a Pet Passport for Bruce .

So the day after Brexit was delayed we went to vets picked up pet passport and booked ferry for April 25th from Poole to Cherbourg.

We had always planned to leave at end of April but would have had a problem with Bruce travelling if we had crashed out of EU without a deal. Luckily we are still in and that decision has been kicked down the road.


The Journey Begins

10am Thursday 25th April 2019 We leave The Marshes our home in Riseley and head for Poole ferry to Cherbourg. It was the first time we had taken a pet abroad, thought it might be complicated , it was very straight forward. They looked at pet passport and checked embedded chip. Drove onto ferry , left Bruce in Molly and took our seats.

Helen likes the odd glass of wine .


Ferry took about four hours . Arrived to a rainy Cherbourg. Drove out off the town and headed for an Aire site i found on an App called Search for Sites. Had a few traffic issues on the way .

Arrived in Siouville-Hague as the sun was setting on our first day. Beautiful small village by the sea. The site was in a field close to the beach. Bruce had a great time racing around and discovering rock pools.

Friday 26th April

Early morning on the beach and then set off to Mont-Saint-Michel . Avoided the motorway and took local roads. Lots of nice french villages.

Caught first glimpse off Mont-Saint-Michel . Amazing .

Path to Mont-Saint-Michel.

Saturday 27th April

Today we head for St-Malo. Not a long journey . Arrive in town around 11.00am. Found amazing site overlooking harbour.

View from Molly

Today is our 34th Wedding Anniversary so we set out to explore St Malo and find a restaurant to celebrate. Being a trip advisor fan we found a great place in the centre of the walled town ranked number 1 called Cargo Culte.

Great food , perfect location, relaxed atmosphere

Ended the evening at CUNNINGHAM’s BAR near the harbour . They had a live band playing blues and harmonica.

Sunday 28th April

On the road again heading for La Rochelle . Long journey. Around 2pm getting hungry and cannot find restaurant still serving so stopped in village .

Bought asparagus , Red wine, Strawberry’s , Melon & Bread
Cooked poached eggs and asparagus . Perfect

Found site near La Rochelle on the island of Il de Re. Got to use our AICT card and got a discount at a site next to sea.

View from Molly

After a long day on the road. Needed some food but did not want to go out and eat. We found a hole in the wall Pizza machine !!. Did not know they exist. Freshly cooked in about 4 Minutes. What a great idea.

Monday 29th April

Il de Re is a beautiful chic place. The more time we are here the more we like it. Lazy day. Chilling by the sea and started writing this blog.

Tuesday 30th April

Yum yum

What better way to start the day than buying fresh croissants and bread. I am not supposed to eat bread due to low carb diet but the french make such good bread.

5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Mark & Helen great blog, reading it took me away from normality for a few minutes felt we were on the journey with you.
    Look forward to the next one, safe journey.
    John&Sue x


      1. Yes, she looks very much at home and enjoying herself. Probably struggling with the different language, mind you her English was not great!


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